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Nestled between two great harbours, Auckland is the largest transportation hub in New Zealand and a beautiful place for families and individuals who intend to relocate. A bustling city against a sunny backdrop, Auckland strikes an almost perfect balance between nature and the city life. Ranging from foods and festivals to local tunes, there is something for everyone of all interests and never a dull moment.

Planning a move to a new country definitely always seems a little daunting. You know where you will be moving to and you like it, yet everything still seems a little confusing and out of place. Hence, here’s a short guide that could help you in planning your move to Auckland.

Employment opportunities

We understand the pressure of finding a new job in a new country, especially when you are relocating with your spouse who’s gotten the job offer. Some of the best sectors to locate a job in include information technology, accountancy and health. For more details, you can access the New Zealand immigration website which provides a skill shortage list factsheet, allowing you to understand the job market better and the skills that employers are looking out for.

In addition, job search sites such as Indeed, Quinn Recruitment, Seek and Yudu could also be helpful in your search as suggestions and recommendations are provided based on your interests and skill sets. Note that most jobs would require you to be proficient in written and spoken English, as well as for your academic qualifications to be on par with New Zealand standards.

Work permit process for foreigners

The eligibility for work visas in Auckland is dependent on factors such as whether your skills are a match for the shortage in the job market, your age, qualifications, etc. You can find out more information on the requirements here. Some tips before you proceed with your application for a work visa:

  • Check if your skills match the ones that they are looking for.
  • Have all the necessary documents and information that are needed ready on hand as incomplete submissions will most likely result in delays.

In the event that all these seem too confusing and mind-boggling for you, you can consider approaching a licensed immigration advisor for guidance.

Housing and cost of living

Housing in Auckland is relatively affordable as compared to other big and growing cities such as London, Melbourne, Tehran and Lisbon. Whether to purchase a house or rent a property could be based on the number of people you have with you and the duration of your stay for example. The entire procedure of purchasing a house typically takes around 3 weeks to a month and costs around a million dollars.

As for the property rental market in Auckland, there are more options available based on your needs and preferences, and at more affordable prices too. Monthly rent ranges from 2,136 NZD to 2,687 NZD for apartments in regular neighbourhoods and expensive areas respectively. For those of you who are relocating on your own, furnished studio apartments can also be found, starting from 1,803 NZD.

Schools and education system

Auckland holds a high standard of education, with great teachers and facilities included. Education is largely split into three levels – early education, primary and secondary education, and higher and vocational education.

For those of you with children, you can decide between sending them to state-funded schools such as the Mount Roskill Grammar School, or private schools such as St Cuthbert’s College. International schools are also another possible option, especially if you would prefer your children to undergo a school system that is more similar to your home country. Click here for a few options for international schools.

At the university level, the city is home to the University of Auckland which is New Zealand’s largest university.

Driving license and its requirements

If you are 18 and above and hold a driving license from your home country, you can apply for an international driving permit from the Automobile Association to begin driving in Auckland. This would last for a year. If you are intending to live for more than a year in Auckland, you will have to convert to a local license.

For those of you who are relocating with you family members and intend to visit neighbouring cities be it for holidays or short trips, having your own car is definitely a plus. With long drives alongside coasts, forests and vast mountains, this will redefine the road-tripping experience for you.

Note that cars in Auckland operate on the left-hand drive so for those of you who are accustomed to driving on the right, this might take some getting used to!


Auckland is well connected via rail, bus, and ferries where they can bring you to almost anywhere you want to be. Here’s a short clip for you to better understand how the Auckland transport system works.

Healthcare system

Auckland offers a combination of both free and subsidised services. Specialised medical services ranging from dentistry to women’s health and so on are available, although a little pricey. Medical care is free-of-charge for children under the age of 13, which is definitely a great advantage for you if you are relocating with your children.

However, do note that you would need to have New Zealand residency status in order to have access to public healthcare services. You can sign up with any General Practitioner (GP) to access healthcare in Auckland. In addition, it might be helpful for you to do some research on doctors that specialise in certain areas of medicine more tailored to your needs. You may run into long waiting times when it comes to state healthcare, due to the high demand for the services.

There are various district-funded healthcare initiatives known as Primary Health Organisations (PHO) that you can check out for more subsidised costs.

Food and culture

With white beaches spanning 14,000 kilometres long, fresh seafood is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss. If you are up for a food adventure, here are some food that you should definitely try that are characteristic of New Zealand. This includes the hokey pokey ice cream, kina, kiwi burger and so on. Sounds exciting? Deciding a food option might often be a little overwhelming when you don’t know where to start so here are some ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t forget to try out wines from the 100 plus wineries located all around Auckland and their national dessert, Pavlova!

With a kiwi as it’s national symbol, what’s there not to love about New Zealand?

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