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Moving internationally can be a daunting task which no one would want to imagine. In this article, we have shortlisted ten Removal Services in Singapore to help you find the most reliable and trustworthy removal partner to ensure a smooth moving experience! Do note that these removal companies are not placed in order of their ranking.

1. Asian Tigers Mobility 🐯


Asian Tigers Mobility is a well-known removal service provider in Singapore which serves more than 16,000 relocating families each year. Furthermore, they also provide comprehensive end-to-end removal services tailored to their client’s needs to deliver the best services possible. They have 30 offices spread across 14 countries, more than 1,400 dedicated professionals, and a global network comprised of the very best relocation companies.’

Google ratings 4.1/5.0*

One of their clients say…

  • Nick Mider: “I used Asian Tigers for my move from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore. The team was fantastic, from start to finish. The sales team kept within our budget, stored our container until we were ready to receive the shipment in Singapore, and packed / unpacked all items effectively and efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend Asian Tigers for moving needs. They are simply the best!”

Source: Google Reviews


2. Moovaz Tech-Driven Relocation 🚢


Moovaz is a Singapore-based logistics technology startup that specialises in removal services facilitated by machine learning, blockchain technology, and vendor management systems. What this all means for the customer is greater savings, efficiency and better communication throughout the entire relocation experience. Also, as a startup that focuses on customer experience, every customer has been assured a fuss-free planning process and full visibility in their moves. Altogether, Moovaz provides you with a peace of mind with every step of your relocation.

Google ratings 4.7/5.0*

  • Jenny Leong: “We have moved a few times and our recent relocation is by far the most efficient move we have ever had. People at Moovaz are friendly and helpful. I am impressed at how organized they have been throughout the process from providing rates, payment, delivery and up to the very end, they made sure everything was in place.”

Source: Google Reviews


3. Vimbox Movers 📦


Vimbox Movers is a locally-oriented removal service, located in Singapore. It is considered one of the most reliable removal services after the company started practising a “Customer First” attitude. Vimbox Movers has multiple records of satisfied customers who have left positive reviews for them, complimenting them for their professionalism. They offer personalised and professional removal services for both home and offices.

Google ratings 4.7/5.0*

  • Crystal Lim-Lange: “Amazing amazing team! They had 10 guys at our house, all were friendly, helpful and professional. It was a very tricky move into a conservation house with 3 stories which had a lot of corners and they handled all our furniture with utmost care. Not a single accident. Highly recommend!!! Damian did a good estimate, very reasonable too.”

Source: Google Reviews


4. Allied Pickfords 🚚


As a removal service, Allied Pickfords has established networks of service providers and processes to enhance its customer experiences. They ensure smooth removal services by providing multilingual experts with local experience and knowledge to better understand customers’ concerns and the challenges that they might face during their relocation.

Google ratings 2.8/5.0*

Read about what one of their clients say!

  • Victor Kuo: “They were excellent. I had to move in a hurry and was relocating from Singapore to the USA during around Nov. The Christmas season was approaching and I was nervous about delivery schedule. The staff in Singapore assured me they would expedite and try to catch the first available vessel. They were able to finish packing, loading, and shipping immediately and my furniture arrived in 5 weeks. 
  • I was also not physically available to be present during the loading of my belongings and was worried at first. However, Allied had exceeded my expectations by constantly keeping in touch and did an amazing job of packing and shipping. Nothing was broken and all valuable items were double wrapped with bubble sheets. Everything was on time and both loading and unloading were professional. I’d highly recommend their service. The price was also very competitive as I’ve gotten multiple quotes.”

Source: Google Reviews


5. Crown Relocations 👑


Crown Relocations provide removal services for both local and international moves. They also provide comprehensive services which support relocating individuals, families and employees all over the world. Their goal is to provide customers with the highest quality packing materials to prepare, transport and deliver personal belongings across the street, the country or the world.

Google ratings 3.0/5.0*

  • Bibin Gokuldas: “Great and professional staff. I had a move planned from Munich to Singapore, where I was toppled by a company called Relocately. My package was lying somewhere in one warehouse. In just 7 days before my move, Crown came for my help. The team was very professional in giving me options, the team picked up the items from the warehouse, and packaged it for the move. The staff was informing me through every 2-3 days where my package was when it will be shipped and when it will be custom cleared in Singapore. I received my package and crown did help in unpacking all the stuff across. Thanks a ton, guys for the help and support. Keep up the good work.”

Source: Google Reviews


6. Cheap Movers Singapore 🛌


Not only does Cheap Movers Singapore provide one of the most affordable prices for removal services in Singapore, but their team is also highly trained to deliver customer service standards of the highest quality. They also provide a wide range of services ranging from office move to residential move.

Google ratings 4.7/5.0*

Read about what their client says about them!

  • Rex Chong:I would highly recommend contacting Cheap Movers for any of your removal needs. We had a complicated move this week involving three different sites which were not easy to get to. The guys from Cheap Movers Singapore were reliable, friendly, communicative and efficient. We were really impressed with their work and the overall cost of the move. 10/10”

Source: Google Reviews


7. AGS Worldwide Movers 🛫


Started in 2005, AGS Worldwide Movers has provided removals for clients spanning across 141 locations in 96 countries. AGS Movers ensures professionalism and world-class quality standards in their services and offers its clients unmatched expertise in international removals and storage services. Check out the review for AGS Movers as well!

Google ratings 3.1/5.0*

  • Gilles V: “The preparation and packing went very well; Maximilien provided very clear and detailed explanations on the process, supported by a clear document; that was the reason why I chose AGS. The packing process went well without any problem. Assuming that the delivery goes as well, it will be perfect from beginning to end.”

Source: MoveAide


8. Raffles Relocation & Mobility 🐾


Having been in the industry of more than 20 years, Raffles Relocation has helped customers around the world by making their removal services hassle and stress-free with their wide range of solutions to provide for customer needs. With over 2000 partners across 160 countries and 6 continents, Raffles Relocation has a full suite of services – from storage to settling-in packages, as well as a well-trained team that prioritises customer satisfaction.

Google ratings 4.0/5.0*

  • Virginia Kwok: “If you are moving and are looking for a moving company – No one better!!! I have moved twice with them Internationally and have not been disappointed. Friendly and Caring Office Staff with experienced Packing Crew.”

Source: Google Reviews


9. Astro Worldwide Movers 🌎


Started since 1988, Astro Worldwide Movers has more than 20 years of moving experiences in more than 900 global destinations. AstroMovers aims to create a vivid experience for the expatriates through customising services for individuals, corporations and families. Due to their large presence in the international mobility industry, they have also served multiple government agencies, locals as well as multinational organisations. 

Google ratings not available*

  • Ann: “It was my international move and I am very much satisfied with the service. I must recommend it to others who may need any moving service.”

Source: Astro Worldwide Movers Testimonies


10. Santa Fe Relocation 🌐


Last but not least, Santa Fe Relocation should not be excluded from the list of Best 10 Removal Services in Singapore. Santa Fe offers a wide variety of services such as removals as well as immigration services which cater to both domestic and international moves in the United Kingdom. They aim to provide a seamless and memorable experience by offering a range of customisable relocation services to its customers. 

Also, if you are bringing fragile items such as fine art pieces to your new home, they even offer state-of-the-art storage to keep these items safe, and your mind at ease.

Google ratings 3.4/5.0*

  • Amelie Seghers: “I had a great experience moving from Singapore to London with Santa Fe! 5***** service. Highly recommended!”

Source: Google Reviews



In conclusion, if you are looking to engage a removal company, above are some removal services in Singapore which you can consider engaging for your move. 

*: All of the google ratings are accurate as of 10/12/19.

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Wishing you all the best for your move!


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